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hard decision

8 years 6 months ago #1 by myangelsinheaven
myangelsinheaven replied the topic: Re:hard decision
You will never regret your decision to give your baby life. I am very happy for you and know that you will be a wonderful young mother. It is a brave and courageous decision to stand up to the world's twisted views on life and what brings happiness and reward. I hope your family will be by your side and give you the love and support that you are intitled to. This is their grandchild and a baby has a way of breaking the walls down that we adults can put up between one another. Pride, fear and selfishness will have no strength compared to the touch of your vulnerable, innocent baby as it takes its first breath and falls asleep in your arms.

I would also like to comment to stumblebum for her misunderstanding of my first post to you. I would never "have a go" at anyone for having an abortion......they are not violent killers. What I was calling horrific was the violence of the act itself.....the abortion is a violent crime against an innocent life at any phase of an unborn childs life....and even with regards to partial birth abortions. Women are not to blame for this crime being committed. Society and it's views towards life and it's lack of compassion and support for a young girl when she's faced with this situation is where I find fault. Regardless of the circumstances behind the conception of the baby, a young girl or young woman needs to be told from the beginning that they have other choices instead of being lead to a calendar to make an appointment for their abortion. It's almost standard procedure once a young unwed mother or teen is confirmed pregnant. They are being robbed of the information that we are trying to give them here at SUG. They have a right to know what other options they have and the resources available. Doctor's and parents, friends and other family members should be bringing pregnant mothers to a level of confidence and courage so that they will succeed at the role they are being given. We need wonderfully strong courageous women raising children......those children will be our future.
It's a silent criminal act on the rights of the pregnant mother. Because she among thousands of others like her, including myself learn one day what they did. We now know the burning pain and desire for that baby we once held in our body. A life, a part of ourselves that we gave up to the world's idea of a better life. What kind of better life do we live with? Our arms cannot hold the baby we nourished, we cannot put a face to the image of our baby our heart longs to see, and our soul aches for the sound of those first cooing sounds we'd hear when our baby falls asleep on our chest.
We are victims of abortion, victims of what they didn't tell us.
So, I apologize if you misunderstood my post to Victoria.

I too was unwed, 18 and away from my family and in love with my boyfriend and pregnant. I was rebellious as was my boyfriend and we knew more than our parents who themselves all went through broken marriages. But there we were, We had nothing, no home, only a shattered idea of college and he was a brand new soldier with no money.......it was a silent choice we made, hoping we would just go back to our wonderful life of nothing. We had no idea the grief we would live with 22 yrs. later. We had no idea how much we would die to give that baby life again!!

I am happy for you Victoria that you'll never feel that pain. Stay strong and stay in touch with us as much as possible. We would love to walk through this pregnancy with you.....it is rewarding to know that we can help bring women to a better understanding of the strength and power within themselves so that they can stand up for their baby and their own life.

You are truly blessed,

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8 years 6 months ago #2 by bernardette.x
bernardette.x replied the topic: Re:hard decision
Congratulations sweetheart :) xx

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8 years 6 months ago #3 by VictoriaGirl
VictoriaGirl replied the topic: Re:hard decision
I just thought i would let everyone know that i have decided to keep my baby. Thanx guys for all your support and kind words!:kiss:

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8 years 6 months ago #4 by taylor342
taylor342 replied the topic: Re:hard decision
It is a hard decision whether or not to keep it. I know what it is like to have people suggest abortion. I also know how horrible I feel after the fact that I no longer have my baby. I to once said if it came to this that abortion would be what I would do, and I did it. I would not wish this heartache and pain on anyone. Abortion is something you have to be emotionally and physically stable for, it will not be just another walk into a doctors office its a life changing decision. I think this is something you need really need to sit about think about, something I never really did. I wish you the best in what ever you do, with or without the money, or support of family you will be a good mom no matter what other people say.

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8 years 7 months ago #5 by stumblebum
stumblebum replied the topic: Re:hard decision
victoria -
i had an abortion when i was 16, i am now nearly 20 and i have to say i've never been the same since. i think about it all the time, what my baby would have looked like whether it would have been a boy or a girl - everything, and i have always felt so guilty about having it. it wasn't even really wholly my decision, it was my boyfriend and my GP. The GP told me no-one would want me when i was older if i had a baby and made me feel like a stupid careless little girl. i was naive at the time and couldn't make decisions for myself but i don't think i will ever be o.k about what happened.

looking back it would have been difficult, as the father was quite unstable and i had no money was still at school etc, but i made a little plan about running away to the country with my baby untill it all got so out of hand i agreed to the abortion.

with regards to an earlier reply to this topic, having a go at people that have abortion saying thier violent killers is unfair and hurtful as i've just explained there are so many different factors to it.
just think about it properly, and think about whether you can live with knowing what you've done - because i personally can't forgive myself.
hope this helps a bit

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8 years 7 months ago #6 by bernardette.x
bernardette.x replied the topic: Re:hard decision
Victoria, i had an abortion 9 months ago and it has destryoed me!

sweetheart, you need to really sit down and think about- there are loads of women on this website that stood up to the families and had there children and they have not regretted it.

maybe you should also think about adoption- that way you are not killing a life and also you could be giving a couple a child to start the family they have always wanted

take care xx

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