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To all the young girls TTC

8 years 9 months ago #1 by emeraldforest//myheartbro
emeraldforest//myheartbro replied the topic: Re:To all the young girls TTC
Thank Kaitlin :)

I am 16 now also and my whole life I have wanted to be a mother, I long to hold my little baby in my arms, but what kind of life could i provide for my child when i am still a child myself? I havent even finished high school! Im not saying that being a young mom is bad, im just saying that it helps to have your career in place and to be married to your partner so you can provide a more stable life for your child. I have just recently lost my little baby, and although at first i was furious at God, i know now that my baby is safe in heaven with him, and that maybe it happened for a reason. God knew i was not ready to take care of a child and so now he is taking care of my baby for me. Thank you so much for this post and God Bless.

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  • MissKirsty
  • MissKirsty's Avatar
8 years 9 months ago #2 by MissKirsty
MissKirsty replied the topic: Re:To all the young girls TTC
Thanks for sharing your story Kaitlin! I'm sure that it is helpful for young girls TTC to hear from someone who has 'been there'. :-)

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  • LillieAunas_Mommy!
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8 years 9 months ago #3 by LillieAunas_Mommy!
LillieAunas_Mommy! created the topic: To all the young girls TTC
Hi my name is Kaitlin I don't know how i'm going to say this with out sounding hypicritical. I joined this site a year or 2 ago and I was TTC I was 14 almost 15. I wanted a baby so bad and I couldn't explain to anyone why...I just did. I love kids and couldn't wait to have one of my own. Well I stopped TTC because it hit me that I was just too young and now I am 7 months pregnant (28 weeks) to tell everyone the truth...when I found out on my 16th birthday I was a monthy pregnant I was happy I thought "I finally did it, I got my baby" but what I didn't realize is that it actually is a lot harder than it sounded. Don't get me wrong I love my little girl with all my heart, I love when she moves and kicks as well as her little hiccups and I can't wait to hold her and kiss her. Although I know I can do it with some hard work I also know that it would have been easier if I just waited a while. So really if you want a baby at a young age just wait a little while and make it easier on yourself.

Sorry if in any way I offened anyone I am just speaking from expiernce.


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