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My StoryX

8 years 11 months ago #1 by alyssaj2394
alyssaj2394 replied the topic: Re:My StoryX
Hi im alyssa,
i understand where your coming from my mom is supportive and my son nathanial's dad could care less about us. when we met i really liked him and thought we would b together for longer then we were and we werent. my son was a mistake but i love him. you should gt a paternitytest so that if the dad goes i the army or something your daughter can get something from him since he's not in her life

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8 years 11 months ago #2 by cheried
cheried replied the topic: Re:My StoryX
well god would never give us something we cannot handle!
dont worry to much about your bf!
im glad your mom is supportive- its always a big help!
all the best*** cher

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8 years 11 months ago #3 by bbygirlurmyworld
bbygirlurmyworld created the topic: My StoryX
Well Before I Start I use To have An Account My Namwe Was JstkeepSmilin But I Lost My Password SO Hav Made A new 1 XXX

Well Im 17 With A & munf old daughter she is the result of a 1 nyt stand im not proud of tht but i am a great mum her dad at first hated me for keeping her but how could i get rid of her she was my child i hid it from my mum thn my mum found out she was very supportive her dad still dint want to no thn 1 day he foned me n asked if we could talk so i went to his we talked he told me he was sorry for evrything he sed thn he bcame partof her lyf bt he never came to a scn ma midwife wasnt there wen i gave birth wen she was first born tho he did alwais want to c her but now yet agen im left on my own with out his help but wat realli du i xpect from him yeh a mistake he was but not my bby i lurv having her he dusnt pay he seys he dunt have to i scrimp to get by but my bby dusnt go with out his family well there as bad thy dnt help thy jst dnt wna no my bby either well tbh at first i was upset and wanted him to b a family me him and r bby bt now i have a bf hu cares mre bout her thn her dad he plays with her and feeds her n helps me out wen i need him he will never b her dad but he is in her lyf mre thn her dad so in a way i suppose u can sey he is her dad cunt u bt biologically he's not bt so wat wats blood wen her dad barely bothers sum tyms i hav to tx n remind tht nob he gt a daughter bt wen i tell him i want to move away he seys no well tht it realli im alone again 17 bby live at home get 1 nyt off a week barely sleep or eat bt im a gd mum to every 1 thy can b a gd mum if thy try u dnt need the bbys dad bcz look at me he int here bt i gt my bf hu i love so much and thts all tht matter him annd my girl r my evrything forevah xxx :cheer:

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