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  • MissKirsty
  • MissKirsty's Avatar
9 years 4 days ago #1 by MissKirsty
MissKirsty replied the topic: Re:TLC
Sometimes if a woman is very overweight she won't get her period, and then simply won't notice that she gained much weight. Also, my 2nd cousin carried her baby so high, right up under her ribs, that you couldn't even tell that she was pregnant and she wasn't overweight.

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9 years 4 days ago #2 by Ch3y_IS_BACK!!
Ch3y_IS_BACK!! replied the topic: Re:TLC
I kinda think that some of these women are just neck deep in denial. Othertimes if a woman is overweight already and her baby doesn't get big then it can easily be put down to gaining more weight...some women ahve so much going on in their lives they pay no attention to their body signals...but I always found it hilarious because it's like there are so many garunteed symptoms that you get it's like HOW ON EARTH DID YOU NOT KNOW WOMAN?!?!?! LOL!! I hope I get a sickness free pregnancy...I'm dreading it and I'm not even preggo yet...x

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  • Autumn
  • Autumn's Avatar
9 years 5 days ago #3 by Autumn
Autumn replied the topic: Re:TLC
I'm not sure how that could exactly happen. I guess it is possible. Some women don't feel very man symptoms, or they could just think it's a cold or something. As for the baby kicking, they could just not notice it or ignore it and think of it as gas or something else.

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  • xosexylove16xo
  • xosexylove16xo's Avatar
9 years 6 days ago #4 by xosexylove16xo
xosexylove16xo replied the topic: Re:TLC
yeah i watching that show too and i was kinda shocked to find out this really does actually happen to women. I mean like its a little weird those women didnt know they were pregnant because especially if ur far along in your pregnancy i would think that a women would notice a difference in her abdomen size because after all it does get bigger and bigger. but anyways im just happy that their babies were okay, one of the women who didnt know she was pregnant had twins! :woohoo:

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9 years 6 days ago #5 by jessey223
jessey223 replied the topic: Re:TLC
Ummm im not sure. I know me personally I don't get a regular period never have really and I have had my period for over 12 years. When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew right away I was pregnant because I was very sick and as big as a house but I did get my period for the first two months. Some people don't even look pregnant ever. I did not see the show but it is interesting. Jessica

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9 years 1 week ago #6 by xosarahx0712
xosarahx0712 replied the topic: Re:TLC
lol i always wondered about that too. like not only your period missing but gaining weight and feeling sick and the cravings and bad moods, and of course the baby kicking you all the time haha.. idk maybe some people just have no side affects like the cravings and stuff.. but they had to have gained weight quickly and im sure they didnt have a normal period for 9 months..lol that would be quite a surprise to find out ur in labor when you didnt even know u were pregnant

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