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How do i tell my moma?

  • nasti nati dyme
  • nasti nati dyme's Avatar
11 years 8 months ago #1 by nasti nati dyme
my mom and dad didnt find out til i was 7 months pregnant, and even then i didnt tell them to this day i dont know how they found out but dont wait. i didnt start going to the doctor or takin my vitamins or eatin right til they took me to the doctor. i was so scared to tell them that i kept takin gym class. anything could hav happened to my baby but thank god it didnt.

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  • brownsugarsweetie
  • brownsugarsweetie's Avatar
11 years 8 months ago #2 by brownsugarsweetie
it'll hurt her more if she thinks that u didnt think u couldn't come to her with this. just tell her and be upfront and honest. if ur mom is like mine, and i hope she's not, tell her in a public place where she wont hit u. try a restaurant with tha rest of ur family there. u might wanna sit across tha table from her.
hope i helped, and if not there are a lot of other girls here that will be happy to help u in anyway they can. :)
Nicole<br><br>Post edited by: brownsugarbaby, at: 2005/06/30 07:46

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  • Brandim
  • Brandim's Avatar
11 years 8 months ago #3 by Brandim
A word of advise from a mom of 3 girls is that by you not telling her is what would devistate her more. By you telling her that means that you are being an adult and facing the fact that you did something and still able to go to your mom and talk to her about it. I was 15 when I got pregnant with my oldest daughter and a family member told my mom I didnt. That hurt her more then anything. Just make sure that you assure her she raised you right and this was a dicision you made in life. Because as parents we tend to think some of the things our children do is because we didnt raise them right. She is your mom and will always love you. She knows you arent perfect and that you would make mistakes in life. Just learn from them and go on you cant change them so dont dwell on them..... Good luck.... If you need anyone to talk to I stop by the forums every night before bed.

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  • Pritty Britty
  • Pritty Britty's Avatar
11 years 8 months ago #4 by Pritty Britty
When I first told my mom, I made sure it was just her and I with no one else around. Then I brought up the time she found out she was pregnant with me and if she was scared and how other people around her reacted to her pregnancy. She eventually caught on to me being pregnant and realized that she was too a bit scared finding out she was pregnant with me so we were at some point in our lives, scared.

Your mom is going to be a grandma! This baby is her family! If you decide your keeping your baby, your mom will eventually ease up (if she takes it hard when she finds out). My dad was mad until he realized that that was my decision (to keep my baby) and no one could change that.

Maybe it will break her heart but you have to show your mom that your strong about this and mature. Maybe you went out and got pregnant BUT a baby is NOT a mistake and it might set you a bit behind in life but you can catch up.

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11 years 9 months ago #5 by babygurl15
my moma is very over protective,thank god i know my daddy will understand, but my moma will KILL ME!!! she's been through enough already, breast cancer twice my brother gettin in ALOT of trouble and shes had 2 have a ton of sergeries! But i'm her babygirl,the youngest, and i've always been the one to stay outa troble and make her proud...i just dont know how to tell cause i know it'll break her heart :( :unsure:

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