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When did you?!!?

9 years 4 months ago #1 by kez_mummy_2_skye
kez_mummy_2_skye replied the topic: Re:When did you?!!?
My first i felt the flutters, like pops at about 15wks then real kicks about 17wks.
Second bub was about 17/18wks

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9 years 5 months ago #2 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:When did you?!!?
I felt little butterfly flutters with my first around 13-14 weeks and she gave me my first real kick on Christmas day when I was about 4 1/2 months so probably 18 weeks?? Then with my second I felt nothing whatsoever until one night he started kicking so hard he was shaking my bed, I had to have been around 5-6 months along maybe like 20-24 weeks then he never stopped, even when I was in labor he was still kicking....then this time I felt little movements around 15 weeks and then nothing until about 18 weeks and I freaked for those 3 weeks that I felt nothing after feeling baby move...this baby has not been as active as the other two were but I started getting consistent real kicks that could be felt from the outside at like 20 weeks, I also had a good layer of baby left overs to kick through...LOL...My husband likes it, he never got to experience those things with his sons pregnancy so he loves to put his mouth really close to my tummy and talk to the baby, he/she actually moves and responds to his voice...there have been a few times when my husband and I have been stomach to stomach for hugs and...other things...and the baby will kick him, he is used to it now but for a while there it would catch him off guard and he would be like, I'm glad I don't have to carry the baby in my belly and get attacked..LOL...congrats and enjoy your growing ninja...LOL...Love Meg

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9 years 5 months ago #3 by Shluna105
Shluna105 created the topic: When did you?!!?
I was just wondering when everyone felt there baby for the first time on this inside and on the out?? Last night I felt the baby kick in the outside and my husband got to feel it for the first time!! So now I was curious when everyone else had felt it, and poossibly there spouse/baby daddy and how they reacted..

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