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Happy Birthday Love

9 years 6 months ago #1 by letsmakelove496
letsmakelove496 replied the topic: Re:Happy Birthday Love
that is beautiful dev.
you are so strong. i love you mama.

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  • Devyn
  • Devyn's Avatar Topic Author
9 years 6 months ago #2 by Devyn
Devyn created the topic: Happy Birthday Love
Its your birthday, we bought a cake
there are 2 candles on it
grandma and grandpa
uncle ray and mary, sadie
and your little cousins
Daddy, is sitting at the table talking to Grandpa
Mommy is watching the kids play
The only thing missing is you...

To see you dimples and to hear you laugh I would give anything.

Daddy misses you baby girl, Daddy misses everything about you. He still goes to story time at the library, the only thing is you aren't there to giggle at the funny moments, He set up a \"big brother\" a little boy comes and plays and daddy loves him, but he misses you like you would miss air. Its hard to breathe when you are hear, its hard to get up, its hard to go out, its hard to life without you. Mommy and Daddy, tried to bring you a baby sister/brother, because we miss you so much. I hope you are playing with him/her in heaven. I remember the day I had you, Daddy was behind me and telling me what a good job I was doing. I thought that this was the hardest thing i had ever done, but I was so wrong..the hardest thing was losing you...

my angel, my baby, my everything, day by day goes by and yet the feeling of hope is still there... that you might show up and reappear in your crib,

The day you died a part of me died with you, I dont know if I will ever get that back. I know daddy worries... but the truth is I miss you so much that somedays it isnt worth waking. I lay in bed. thinking you your little face. I remember how it felt when you moved inside me. I remember the sister telling me I had to give you away, and I knew that noone would pry you out of my fingers. Someone did. Someone did, and I cant live. I cant breathe. You were the sweetest thing on this earth, and the sun hasn't shun as bright since you were here.

If love were enough to bring you back, if i could give anything I would, cuz life isnt worth living without you.

Happy Birthday to my Angel, Happy Birthday, know that Mommy loves you.

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