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9 years 10 months ago #1 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:Mirena
Hey there, first off way to go on all the research you put into choosing a form of birth control that works best for you and your husband, a lot of people don't do that an end up using a form that can prevent implantation as a result rather than preventing conception. I am going to be in the same boat after I have the baby but I have not began my research yet which is why I am not as familiar with safe birth control's as I should be, the hard part is finding information from a viable and neutral source. In some companies they have changed the definition of pregnancy to implantation rather than conception. (I personally don't think non married people should use birth control because it promotes and condones premarital sex, but that is my personal opinion and I have right to that opinion with what I have seen premarital sex do in my own life and other's....) Life begins at conception and not at implantation. Therefore finding out which birth control prevents conception versus implantation is an important factor and I think that is what you are looking for right? My best encouragement is to first write to Dr.Marie, she is much more knowledgeable about these things that I am for sure....second find the closest pregnancy resource center to you (call Optionline if you need help finding on in your area 1-800-395-HELP) They only offer birth control to married women and they probably have tons of info on the safest kinds for your family....it is so hard finding out which definition for pregnancy certain brands use, but I think between Dr.Marie and the Womens Pregnancy Center it will be a good start to find the truthful answer....Hope I helped...Love Meg

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9 years 10 months ago #2 by Mammahope
Mammahope replied the topic: Re:Mirena
Many years ago, when they were still pretty new. Got a nasty infection and had to have it removed...but I was in pain almost the entire time I had it, so I was glad to be rid of it.
Supposedly they have been improved, but just be careful and report any pain or fever to your doc asap!
Good luck.

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9 years 10 months ago #3 by MrsTWalsh
MrsTWalsh created the topic: Mirena
I just got this put in and I had researched it before I chose this form of birth control. So far things are going fine but now I am reading stories about problems with it... anyone else have an IUD?

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