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Relief Groups

9 years 10 months ago #1 by washuchan
washuchan replied the topic: Re:Relief Groups
Rachels Vineyard i would gladly do when i get the money, i moved out of my dads house, well more like kicked out for obviously speaking my mind about that issue. The apartment kills me financially. Ive read about free support groups in topeka, kansas but ive attended 3 already and as honest as i was i dont think i could gain anything from it.

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9 years 11 months ago #2 by Monicathree
Monicathree replied the topic: Re:Relief Groups
Is there a specific reason you don't want to do the Rachel's Vineyard? I know that it is an amazing experience...I have quite a few friends who have attended, believe it or not. From what I am getting from your post, you were forced to abort your baby?? From what I have learned, and have a pretty good amount of experience with this, this is very normal for ladies who have aborted their babies. This is what the lie of abortion does, it does not build us up as females it is destructive. You are in my prayers sweetie, and I hope you post back and we can talk some more. I want you to know and I think you do, there is help and healing...I would seriously consider RV, just wondering the reason you haven't?

With much care,

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9 years 11 months ago #3 by washuchan
washuchan created the topic: Relief Groups
My anniversary is going up on January 24th but already the nightmares and depression are kicking (started early november) They werent bad but just intesfied. Im going to a ARC meeting every monday in january until then i talk to the supervisor there as a comfort. Besides all that nothing else is working such as a real therapist (judgemental) and im in this alone, my parents dont really want to help me through this even though half of my issues are because of them. So what do i do besides this support group? Im really afraid if i press this issue my parents will quit talking to me. Is there anything else i can do besides the support group like a rachels vineyard or something like that? Also how to get my parents involved in my healing. I feel that 2 of the 4 people involved in that traumatic day should pay me back in some sense even if its a few kind words.

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