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Coryn's Birth Story!

9 years 10 months ago #1 by StrongerThanMost1991
StrongerThanMost1991 replied the topic: Re:Coryn's Birth Story!
lmfao im sorry thats the funniest kinda sounds like my labour i didnt care how much hair she had or what colour she was i just wanted her out lmao congrats anyways i know that was awhile ago but still:P

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9 years 11 months ago #2 by kez_mummy_2_skye
kez_mummy_2_skye replied the topic: Re:Coryn's Birth Story!
That was a great birth story to read :) I guess you just know when labour is the REAL thing. Your instincts just kick in.

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9 years 11 months ago #3 by breathless
breathless replied the topic: Re:Coryn's Birth Story!
Bravo! that was so much fun to read, way to make light of all that agony you went through! congratulations on your new baby girl!

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9 years 11 months ago #4 by KylieAUS
KylieAUS replied the topic: Re:Coryn's Birth Story!
i think i laughed a couple of points reading that. I can remember doing not a fat lot except screaming...
An interesting birth story. :)

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9 years 11 months ago #5 by randomchyck220
randomchyck220 replied the topic: Re:Coryn's Birth Story!
aww congratlations

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10 years 17 hours ago #6 by MrsTWalsh
MrsTWalsh created the topic: Coryn's Birth Story!
Coryn’s Birth Story

I went for my 38 week appointment on Wednesday 11/7 and the midwife had told me that she didn’t think I would be having the baby until much closer to my due date. Since she said that I just decided to start ignoring the false labor contractions that I had been having for the past month and not obsess about when the baby was coming. I woke up on Friday 11/9 with a bad contraction but then it stopped. I decided to take Caleb to his story time at the library which is something I have been avoiding for fear of going into labor by myself. Then we went for a “date” to McDonald’s and my contractions were painful but not regular at all. I still was worried so I called Jon to leave where he was at and come eat with us. Then we all went home, Caleb went for a nap, and Jon and I decided to watch a movie before he had to go to work. My contractions slowed down to almost nothing. When I got one, it HURT but they were coming maybe twice an hour.

4:00- I called my midwife to ask her what she thought. She said that maybe it was the real thing but wanted me to wait to come in until the contractions were 4 minutes apart. Both she and I thought that wouldn’t happen til much later that night or the next morning if at all. Like I said, I’d been having a ton of false labor.

4:45- Jon leaves emergency numbers and leaves for work. I hadn’t had a contraction for 45 minutes

5:15- I get a bad contraction, then another one, then another one… they are about 2 minutes apart. Luckily Caleb is still asleep. I freak and call my mom and Jon. Jon doesn’t answer. I text him to come home now. He asks “if I am in labor?”. I want to cry and scream…my brain starts feeling like it’s shutting down. I waste another minute texting back that “yes, I’m in labor”. It’s about 5:35 at this point. Nothing I do will make the pain stop. I want to die when I sit, I want to die when I stand. Maybe if I scream that will help... nope…I still want to die.

5:45- Jon flies in the door, breathless, and says “let’s go” with a look on his face that I have never seen. I calmly (at least in my mind) tell him he needs to wake up Caleb and pack him a bag. We get everything together and walk out the door. That walk from our third floor apartment to the car seems like it takes 3 hours. It feels like my insides are falling out.

6:00- Arrive at the hospital. Jon gets confused on what entrance we need to go in and parks what seems like football fields away from the right door. I cannot coordinate my thoughts and mouth enough to explain to him not too. I get out of the car and make it to the back bumper before I collapse on the ground and tell Jon I can’t walk to the door. He takes off running the million miles to the door with Caleb in one arm and all of the bags in the other. I am lying on the ground behind the car hoping that no one drives by and freaks out or hits me. It seemed like three hours passed… Jon says he could hear me screaming, I don’t remember that. Finally, a man comes pushing a wheelchair. He tries to engage me in conversation. I scream and grunt in reply. We wheel past small children leaving the hospital with their parents. My mind tells me to keep it under control and not scar them for life. My body decides to pull my knees up to my chest and continue screaming like I am being chased by a disfigured half-human wielding a chainsaw.

6:08- Arrive at labor and delivery. They ask my name, I scream. I hear a nurse say, “we should check her”. I am taken to a room and asked to undress. I scream. The nurse says “ok, I’ll help you”. I change and lay on a bed. Someone says they are going to check my cervix. I tell them that I am sure I am in labor and I need an epidural NOW. The nurse checks me and says it is time to push (I guess I had already started pushing) and that there is no time for an epidural. I look at Jon and scream a scream that doesn’t sound like it could belong to me. Caleb calmly looks up from his spot on the couch and says “shh, shh, Mommy”. A doctor I have never met enters the room. She tells me to push. I look at her and scream. She says “that’s nice but you are not pushing” very sarcastically. I get my feelings hurt and stop screaming and push. The whole room is staring at my lady bits. I push for an 8 count. My water breaks or someone breaks it. Jon tells me enthusiastically that she has hair. Yay! I don’t care if she has 8 legs and the chin of Jay Leno, just get her out of me. I scream and push for another count. I guess a head comes out. Jon is so happy. I want to die. Someone keeps telling me to breathe. The doctor tells me to push one more time and her shoulders will come out and I’ll be done. Ok, what options did I have, right?....

Coryn Andrea-Michelle Walsh was born on November 9th 2007 at 6:18 pm. She weighed 6 pounds ½ ounce and was 19 inches long. She scored a 9 on her Apgar and hasn’t had any complications so far. She’s miniature and beautiful and I am told that she looks just like me :) Caleb is in love with her. Jon and I are very happy.

[img size=150] [IMG]http://i15.tinypic.com/8g6vxjr.jpg[/img]

[img size=150][IMG]http://i16.tinypic.com/87a49yo.jpg[/img]

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