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My life after the abortion

10 years 1 month ago #1 by ~New Mommy
~New Mommy replied the topic: Re:My life after the abortion
Thank you for your post. What is your sory if you dont mind me asking?? Its ok if you do not want to share, but i would like to realte to anyone who i can. thank you!

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10 years 1 month ago #2 by Merla
Merla replied the topic: Re:My life after the abortion
Two little eyes that will never see, a mouth that will never speak, and a person the world will never meet. One more heart that stoped beating.

Pray, pray hard, ask your son for forgivness, because you need it. He is in a good place now, he is safe, he is with god.

You will be forgiven, even if you may not deserve it, we never really deserve forgivness...

You had the support of everyone here, you read their storys, you listened to their advic, and yet you still gave into the pressure. your not a hero, you never will be. Heros are the wonderful young women who stood up to the pressure, and gave their babys life.

Goodluck wherever life takes you.

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  • bwade
  • bwade's Avatar
10 years 1 month ago #3 by bwade
bwade replied the topic: Re:My life after the abortion
Young lady, you said you asked God to forgive you and I believe the minute you did, HE DID. Her is the problem.... You must now lean on His love and forgiveness demonstrated to you so YOU MAY FORGIVE YOURSELF. I am sorry your mother pressed you into doing something you didn't want to do. I would have to ask where the ice came from that has frozen your mother's heart. As difficult as this may sound, the forgiveness that God has extended to you, you must now extend to your mother. Until we forgive, we are unable to receive the forgiveness we need. It is like someone who puts a seed into the ground to grow a beans. Until they plant the seed in fertile ground it will not grow. But, when the seed is planted, it is free to to reproduce again and again. So goes forgiveness. It will be a difficult task, but if you pray to God to help you to forgive, then He will. I can hear the voice of a very intelligent young lady when I read your post. I am sorry for your pain both physically and emotionally. I am sorry for your bf. For, I too, am an \"abortion dad\". My girlfriend's parents did the excat same thing when I was in High School. My prayers are with you!

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10 years 1 month ago #4 by ericklirios
ericklirios replied the topic: Re:My life after the abortion

As I said in my replies to your post about your abortion, I am praying for you. Up to now.

I can't say I understand what you're going through but I do have a very good idea. I was afraid it would end like this but it has. Please forgive me but I am incensed at how your mother laughed at you and how she seemed completely not to care about how you felt about your child.

The only way this is going to \"end\" for you is if you grow from this. Keep away from sex because good relationships are built on communication and real care. Sex needn't be part of it. If you do get sexually involved again and get pregnant again, stand your ground. I wish those of us here on Stand Up Girl could've been with you that day so that we could lend you some strength.

Please ask for forgiveness especially depending on the faith you practice. Yes, you do not deserve any forgiveness for this act but none of us really do deserve God's forgiveness, mercy and Love. He gives it to us freely and without any consideration of whether we deserve it.

Let God's love guide you. He is personally taking care of your baby boy now. That sinless child is certainly with the Lord praying for you that you may forgive yourself and that you may truly forgive yourself and act positively to prevent others from falling into this trap and lie. Abortion is not a way out. It is a certain way of imprisoning oneself. I know you know this now. By constant prayers and facing up to the wrongness of the deed, you can live again.

Please learn from this. Learn and be a better person. Your child deserves to be proud of his mother. Make him. Eventually, realize that it is the sacrifice of your son's life that should propel you to be a better and truly holy person.

Lastly, learn to forgive your mother. She was brought up in a culture and time that said that babies were nothing but a problem that can be \"cured\" when you get pregnant. Show her how wrong it was. The only sin that God will not forgive is the sin that has not been asked to be forgiven. She chose to give you life after all these years and she deserves your forgiveness as well. Show her that she has done something wrong as well and that, like you, she should also seek forgiveness.

Who knows? Together, with your boyfriend, you may prevent just one more abortion from happening.

If I may quote the Talmud, \"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.\" You failed with your baby. There are others to save now especially that your son is now God's little soldier.

Take care.

Will continue praying for you.


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10 years 1 month ago #5 by way2young
way2young replied the topic: Re:My life after the abortion
i know just how u feel becasue my situation is similar to yours and now three months after i still feel the pain. i too can never forgive my mother- because i don't think that i can ever forgive myself. anyway i will be praying for you, if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to me, because i know that the pain can be unbearable at times. take and please remember that God loves you.

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10 years 1 month ago #6 by kez_mummy_2_skye
kez_mummy_2_skye replied the topic: Re:My life after the abortion
you let ur own mum make YOUR decisions. Its too late now. I just dont understand how you could get the abortion after seeing your little baby and know the sex and even at that stage, if the baby was to be born at 22wks there still a good chance of survival. The poor little thing. I cant think of it.

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