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I'm New And This Is My Personal Experiance

10 years 3 weeks ago #1 by AutumnBorba141
AutumnBorba141 created the topic: I'm New And This Is My Personal Experiance
Life is full of joy and horror.My life was so full of joy.I was your orignal 13year old girl.Until that day...I remember that day like it was just yesterday.I remember walking home from school to see my ex boyfriend following me.I ran and he pulled me from my hair and threw me behind a bush.I rememberd he raped me.I tryed to resist but all he did was beat me with his fists.I remember how many times i screamed and no one came to help me.I remember losing my virginity to a monster.A month later i noticed i was gaining weight and then and now i would throw up and have cramps.Then came the day where i sceduled a doctors appointment.He took me to this little white room.And the only thing i remember was the docter saying \"Congradulations Mrs.Borba Your Pregnat\".\"PREGNAT\".The words taunted me as i walked out of the docters office shocked and sad.Over the past couple of months i was gaining alot of weight.My mother liked to see me skinny but i was chubby.She yelled at me cause i was fat.My mother and father never knew i was raped or that i was pregnat.Prety soon i was in my 5th month of pregnacy and they could tell i was pregnat.They kicked me out of the house and didn't belive me when i told them i was raped.There i was living on the streets on my own.With only my laptop,Some clothes,And 20$.While living on the streets i attempted suicide.But i always failed.During my 8th month of pregnacy i was in foster care.I was very depressed during my 8th month of pregnacy and did some horrible things.I'd slash my wrists and punch my stomach.It was then.I remember bleeding from my vagina and blacking out.The next thing i remember was i was laying on a hospital bed.I tryed getting up and i was soar around my stomach area.I looked and i had stiches!I noticed i was no longer pregnat.A couple of hours later i remember seeing a docter standing by my side.Thats when he told me the bad news.I had twins but only one surrvived.It turns out on of the twins was not breatheing when he was born.The docters said the cord was rapped around the babys neck during birth.3days later i held a beautiful baby girl whom i named emma.Her brother was in a better place.Currently emma is currently 2years old and is very healthy.She still dosen't know who her father is.The truth is her father commited suicide after police threathend to arrest him.Well i am 5months pregnat again and i am only 14 but this time the father is standing by my side.And life couldn't be better for me and my small little family.

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