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Never do Abortion

10 years 1 month ago #1 by alexanders_mama
alexanders_mama replied the topic: Re:Never do Abortion
That was quite horrible of your husband to do. I really hope you heal.
God bless.

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  • bwade
  • bwade's Avatar
10 years 1 month ago #2 by bwade
bwade replied the topic: Re:Never do Abortion
It is my prayer Suzu, that you come back to this site to see this response. I am so sorry you were forced to give up your dream. Forced to give up the answer to your prayer--twins. I pray that your broken heart will be healed. That all the pain will be gone. That all the torment in the memory of your children would cease. That the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob would heal your woundedness and help you through your grief.

I am a guy, so I will never experience birth or the pain of abortion, but I always try to be a defender, comforter and friend of the broken. I'll never know that pain, but I know the pain of loss. It is different for everyone and as individual, sometimes as personalities, eye color, shape, and size. If God answered your prayers once, He can answer them again. Again, I wish you well.

B. Wade

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10 years 3 months ago #3 by suzu
suzu created the topic: Never do Abortion
Im healing with lot of pain while sharing my story with you. I got married with my love just in April 2007 i love my husband very much may be more than anyone in this world and we met after long efforts. Like other girls i was very happy to have my love in my life i had many thoughts about my wedding dress about family party some plans but just two days before our wedding i came to know im pragnent i told him immediately we were really not prepared to have a baby and then my married ceremony all over the time i was sick feeling bad had vomiting during photo session my feelings were very bad and i really couldnt enjoy my wedding as i planned after wedding my husband asked a doctor and prescribed some contraceptice medicines to get rid of this problem i also was not at all interested to carry anyeays i used madicines but nothing happened we were very much worried and one day i went to a very good doctor to ask the way to get rid of this problem when i had my untrasound doctor ! told me that i have twins babies and they have heart beat too really just hearing this my feeling were suddenly changed i was crying to think what i was going to do that was my drea since i grown up to have twins babies i always prayed for that and that time i feel my husband is my enemy who is just forcing to get rid of this baby. I came back home and told him that im not going to loose my babies he got angry and stried to make me understand that we are not in position this time to have baby he was very much distrub because of my this decission i love him very much because of my pressure he got little bit agree to carry these babies but when one day we went to doctor said that because of using contraceptive medicinse there ar more chances that my babies could be disable and will not be like other children what i could do we discussed and decided to go for abortion i felt pain i really wanted to carry them i was in very much pain initially i felt like i have killed my own k! ids i missed them i missed their heart beat i think that how w! ould they look like either girl or boy this all everytime go in my mind i really miss them my kids. My husband doesnt eant me to talk about this because he thinks that i make him feel guilty when i talk to him on this matter but what i do where i go for help i wanted to share my inside with some one who can understand me i went through your side and was happy that there is some one for me to help me. After my abortion i dont feel good i want to forget all this happened to me this all make me negative and i oftenly have fights with my husband he doenst understand these feelings. Then i have fear i dont know i will be pragnent again or not please tell me will i have any problem to have a baby after my abortion or i can easily birth to a baby? my husband doesnt want to have a baby for next three years because we have some serious problmethis make me more negative and i feel bad and fight with him i dont know how to come out of this grief and pain? I would like to tell girls plzzz think! alot before going to abortion.. thank you very much for reading my stoy.

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