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This Is Different From What's Happening To U Girls

10 years 7 months ago #1 by angel_mom
i see its been a while since this question was posted, so i hope i'm not too late in replying anyway...
this is easily one of the scariest things i ever read!
any teenage girl and guy who are in love dream about setting up a life together and getting married and having children- but for heaven's sake- buy a puppy if you're that determined to make a commitmnt to each other now already! you'll have to raise it, train it, pay for shots and food, and share custody!
i know it sounds ludicrous- but please please please - don't bring a child into this world to satisfy your own pink hued fantasies!

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  • joanne
  • joanne's Avatar
10 years 7 months ago #2 by joanne
If u and ur bf love each other why cant u wait till u leave school with some grades honey Im 20 and have got a 15 month old baby and 10 weeks pregnant again i was in the same boat as u at the same age my bf was 17 we was together two and a half years we didn't plan a baby but i still fell pregnant i lost the baby after 2 weeks which i look on now and think thank god i was too young being 20 with a toddler is so hard im always on my toes i love her to bits but i do wish sometimes that i could just be my own person again. wen u r young you r alot active but if ur boyfriend really loves u he would want u to have fun first.

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  • meghan
  • meghan's Avatar
11 years 1 week ago #3 by meghan
im 20 with an amazing 5 month old baby girl. im still with her father, and honestly my relationship with him is harder than caring for my daughter. relationships are hard, weve been together 14 months...ill do the math for you, i got pregnant right around the time we started going out. ANYWAY the point is, you still have school, and think about a job, if you dont have much work expierence itll be harder to find a good job to support your child. and trust me, if i didnt have a baby id want one, but id wait because a mother wants whatd best for her child, and im wokring hard on it. i work part time, go to school full time and care for my baby. im up til midnight every night doing homework, then up whenever she decides shes done sleeping, just think about it, because although its so worth it, i lay awake and worry about not being able to give her the world

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  • Sandra Brookes
  • Sandra Brookes  's Avatar
11 years 2 weeks ago #4 by Sandra Brookes
You should wait until you guys are married to have children. If you really do love each other then you WILL wait until then. What happens ((*not saying this will*)) if you guys break up and then you still have this child to take care of ??

\"Speed is Good
Strength is better
But what lasts is
Your charcater
Wait for marriage\"



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11 years 3 weeks ago #5 by lilmama15
well sweetie im 15 and im 3months pregnant and i know it seem like oh if i have a baby well be happy together but its not always like that luck my baby father is there for me but its still alot of work because its not just about you it about what will be best for the baby and babies are expensive but if you decide to have a baby or need any advice then you can talk to me good luck


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  • charstar
  • charstar's Avatar
11 years 4 months ago #6 by charstar
If you want to marry him, talk to your parents. With their permission you could marry him. But about getting pregnant, I would suggest at least wait until you graduate highschool. And make sure your guy has a steady well paying job. Babies are expensive and you need to make sure you are prepared not only emotionally but finacially too.

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