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Mommy to be

10 years 3 months ago #1 by kkshorty12
kkshorty12 replied the topic: Re:Mommy to be
first, you're absolutely right about school even if it's just temporary finish high school! you can always go to college and work around everything. But you can't even begin to do that without finishing high school. And secondly, It may be a little tougher to have a baby and go to college at the same time but it can be done. As long as you have support from people ^_^ And if you don't, there's always daycares and facilities for that purpose.
Also if you have to live on your own it's okay. I was forced to live on my own when my father past away and I was terrified. I thought that I wouldn't get the hang of it, that I would never get my bills paid on time, and worried that I wouldn't be able to pay rent and I'd get evicted. But all that is normal. I managed to get the hang of it in a couple weeks and ever since it's been really fun living on my own.
And I'm sure that you're aunt and uncle will be supportive. Even if they are mad at first or you're scared they won't take it well and even if they don't. They will come around eventually. They may just need time.
i hope this helps, take care of yourself!


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10 years 3 months ago #2 by angelarmybaby89
angelarmybaby89 replied the topic: Re:Mommy to be
Well I had my daughter the begining of my senior year. I graduated back in June and now will be having twins in January. Trust me I'm still going to get a good eduacation. I'm going to a local community college so I can save some money. You just have belive that your doing is going to help your child in the long run.:cheer: Do worry about your uncle. He might get mad you he might jusst be dissapointed in you. But thats any uncle for you.:P

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10 years 4 months ago #3 by momy2be
momy2be created the topic: Mommy to be
I am 17 years old and have 2 years left of high school and I just recently found out that I was pregnant, because the ept test was positive. I went to the doctors yesterday to find out for sure if i was or not and the blood results came back positive also! :S Dont get me wrong I already love the little thing inside me and cant wait for all those funny moments:laugh: :P But being a mom at my age scared me exspecially when I dont know what my uncle will react like. :unsure: You see I live with my aunt and uncle (dad's sister, husband and kid) and I have NO clue as to how he will react!:blink: I may even end up finding a place of my own to live! :huh: I hope that everything ends up ok in the end anyways. I have college I'm still looking forward to, i just know that with a kid it will only be that much harder. i most likely will take online classes now... But the best thing that any momy to be can do for there future kid is STAY IN SCHOOL!! It may be hard, but DONT GIVE UP!! In the end it will PAY OFF!! You dont have to go to college like me, but finishing high school is the best thing for a young adult!!

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