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does any1 no ?

10 years 7 months ago #1 by goodluckyall
goodluckyall replied the topic: Re:does any1 no ?
You're talking about a Norplant. It's like coming off the pill, so it's best to wait at least a month or so to allow your body time to clear itself of hormones and get on track with your cycle. I had one years ago and it really messes up your periods, either through none at all or excessive bleeding. Of course, I was one of the lucky ones (not) and bled like every day! :( That's one reason I wanted it out. Anyway, I think I got pregnant about three months after having it removed. You should ask the doctor when you're getting it removed how long it's best to wait before trying to conceive.

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10 years 7 months ago #2 by blondebimbo30
blondebimbo30 created the topic: does any1 no ?
i have had a this thing put in my arm and it stops you having children fo 3 yrs but im having it taken out on wednesday because i wont to try and have a baby but does any1 no weather the hormone it releases stay in you and if so for how long?? could some1 help if you no anything about it pleases xxxxx:S

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