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really confused

10 years 7 months ago #1 by Stephie.b
Stephie.b replied the topic: Re:really confused
I think ur worrying to much, stress and worry make ur periods become irregular an inconstant, i went through exaclty the same!!
for months an months i went through it, the nurses told me i was stressing to much and needed to calm down. . . . If its worring u that much why dont u go on the pill??
U sound so distressed an upset ur not helping urself. . . .I wish u all the luck in the world an if u need 2 chat im here xxxxxxx

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10 years 7 months ago #2 by sibzy
sibzy replied the topic: Re:really confused
your at that age when your body is still settling into life and ways dont worry it should come right soon

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10 years 7 months ago #3 by Babygurl801d
Babygurl801d replied the topic: Re:really confused
i think all that sounds normal... its just sucks to be a girl..

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10 years 8 months ago #4 by mkcarter71
mkcarter71 replied the topic: Re:really confused
Ok well you didn't say how long you have been sexually active with your boyfriend BUT there is a good chance that this is being caused from hormone changes. I just had almost the exact same conversation with my niece who is 22 and been married about 8 months. Last month her period came for the first 2 days stopped and then started up again then this month it did the same thing. I told her to see her doctor... Her doctor told her that the change in her period was caused by hormone level changes in her body from having sex with her husband (Note: She was not sexually active before she got pregnant)

So I will tell you the same thing I told her -- see a doctor or at least take a pregnancy test to rule out that possibility is the doctor says your not pregnant or if the test is negative I would say the change is probalby brought on my hormone changes and changes in your body....

[post trimmed]

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10 years 8 months ago #5 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:really confused
My periods used to be 3 days on stop 1 then 2 1/2 more days and they were never regular. If I had sex the day before my period was supposed to come then it would seem like it messed up my cycle. I have been on pills for a while because I am married now ( I Quit having sex 3 1/2 yrs before I got married and decided to wait untill my wedding night to start again) and they have regulated me like clock work but sometimes having sex right before I start makes my period different. Having sex does more than just change your body ...it changes your emotions and everything else. I would recomend you to stop having sex. You are 16 you are barely legal to drive and work you dont need a baby right now. It is hard to stop once you start I know because I was sexually active for 10 yrs when I made the choice to wait untill marriage..But also when I made that choice I was pregnant with my second child and both had different dads. You may have only been with one guy at this point and you may think that you will be together forever but the chances are high that you will break up and then you will end up with someone else on the rebound....I did that for a long time. You should go ahead and take a pregnancy test and talk to your doctor about your periods and please be open with your mom and let her be your mom and give you counsel. And remember...condoms and birth controll and vaccines and all the rest will not keep you \"safe\" Even if every disease and risk of pregnancy can possibly ruled out by these they will do nothing to protect your self worth, your heart from being broken, they wont keep you from feeling like used trash, worthless, empty, lonely, unwanted...etc.etc.etc.....Please hear this from me being sexually active before marriage is not worth it. Ive been on both sides now. Having sex with my husband for the first time on our wedding night was the most fulfilling, enjoyable, romantic, and satisfying sex I had ever had...and I knew that he would still be there in the morning....Love and Prayers...Meg

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10 years 8 months ago #6 by goodluckyall
goodluckyall replied the topic: Re:really confused
I'm no doctor, but it doesn't sound like you have much to worry about. Other things can cause periods to change slightly besides pregnancy, including stress, hormone fluctuations, etc. I would only worry if you miss a period or have more obvious signs like fainting and vomiting. It sounds like you're pretty careful, which is great if you're going to have sex at all.

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