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cant wait much longer

10 years 8 months ago #1 by bweber
bweber replied the topic: Re:cant wait much longer
so u NEED to tell them so u can get to a doc!.....if u don't get a doc at least go to the store and get prenatals from there.....and i agree with ericklirois, ur grandma is a woman, and prolly already knows if not has an idea whereas u r more than likely showing, i'm 26wks 3 days and i'm showing, and it doesn't look like weight gain ne more......

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10 years 8 months ago #2 by disco
disco replied the topic: Re:cant wait much longer
i know how you are feeling right now. I am kinda in the same boat as you. Except i am not that far along. A great way to start the conversation is to tell them all your goals in life and remind them of all that you have done. Then slowly get into it. I am not to sure how old you are, but this is from a 17 year olds point of view. I am sure they will be there for you. Maybe a little mad at frist but they will come around..common its there first grandchild. I wish you the best of luck and i hope this was a bit helpful.:)

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10 years 8 months ago #3 by ericklirios
ericklirios replied the topic: Re:cant wait much longer

It's been six months. Honestly, I think unless your grandmother is blind, she actually already knows or at least has a hint of your situation. She's still a woman after all.

Please go to a doctor. Do it for yourself and especially for the baby. You seem to have decided to keep the baby since you are in your present situation but make sure that your keeping the baby is done with a lot of physical care as well as emotional care. Right now, I am a believer that your baby can sense your present emotions and will be suffering along with you. THe moment you relieve some of that depression, your baby will be relieved as well.

I never got to tell my grandparents when I got my wife (who wasn't my wife then) pregnant. I told my mom as soon as I could but it took five more months before I could tell my dad. I didn't even tell him face to fact though we were living in the same house. I wrote him a letter. I told myself that if I came home that day with my stuff dumped on our front yard, then I knew the answer. The answer wasn't at all like that. My dad came to me when I slept that night and I saw him crying as he asked me why I was trying to bear this alone. The next day, as I left for work, he again told me the same thing and assured me that we would work together to deal with this.

GIve your parents and grandparents a chance to help you. Yes, they may throw an incredible fit when they first find out but that's what happens when people are surpirsed. The usual first emotion they grab is one of anger. Sooner or later, they will calm down. Look, your grandparents allowed you in their house and accepted you. I very much think that they will also accept you and your baby. They will be disappointed especially when they find out that not only did you make the same mistake but that everybody in the school knows but they didn't.

I guess what hurts a lot is that they weren't able to help you, that your life will be harder (your life is not over and never believe that it is) and that you found it so hard to tell them.

The best thing to do is to tell the grandparent who can either handle it better or you fell closer to. BEtter if that's the same person. Once you get that one person, you can then plan out how you'll tell everyone else. Be storng and pray a lot. You'll need God's help now more than ever.


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10 years 8 months ago #4 by bladekissed
bladekissed created the topic: cant wait much longer
OMG ok so i hate to judge people but i know there will be girls on here wanting to preach to mend im begging that you dont do that. im 26 weeks pregnant and i havent been to a dr. yet. i live with my grandparents (always have) and they dont know. everyone at my schools does but none of my family does. i know i should have told a long time ago but they are just, very old fashioned. my mom had me at 19 and thats why i live with them and i dont want them to hate me as much as they hated her. can someone please give me some advice onhow to tell or maybe tell me how you told. much thanx is given

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