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Need Help

10 years 9 months ago #1 by bweber
bweber replied the topic: Re:Need Help
don't let him talk u into an abortion....a baby will NOT ruin either of ur lives......and being a single parent will make it a little harder for u to finsish school, but colleges have prgrams to help single parents finish school.....and there is also adoption..there are so many loving families that cn't have babies and would love to adopt one....i know because i was adopted when i was little....so just considewr ALL of ur options......good luck...

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10 years 9 months ago #2 by ericklirios
ericklirios replied the topic: Re:Need Help
Hey there.

Don't get the abortion. Period. I can see very clearly now that you will definitely regret it if you go through with it. If you do go ahead with your plan to at least visit the abortion clinic, also visit your church or consult with someone who will really show support for your situation.

Your boyfriend is very doubtful right now. What he's really saying is that he'll support you by providing you a shoulder to cry on after you're hurting from the abortion operation. You don't need that shoulder after the abortion. You need it now.

What's really real here is that there's this baby inside you (yes, it is a live human being) and that's your best friend about to be born. Do not let that best friend down.

School? You're on this site so by now you can tell that a good number of people here have survived and succeeded. Don't be afraid of not reaching your dream of finishing school and making a career and name for yourself. That's something that you can do as long as you make sure you keep your eyes on the ball.

Won't it be great to study and finish school for your baby? Won't it even be better to carry your baby in your arms as you go up on stage to receive your diploma?

My Church has always told people that a baby is always a blessing. Your baby will be. All my children have been, all five of them, the one that started it all and we decided to keep, the second that we lost because of my stupidity and selfishness, the thrid that we lost because God thought it best to call him home and the two little girls that keep me incredibly proud and happy everyday.

God bless you.


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10 years 9 months ago #3 by Lats
Lats replied the topic: Re:Need Help
hey i dont know where ur from but u should find out if u can do skool by correspondence coz i did it for 2 years to finish secondary skool (im from NZ) and now im about to start a degree by correspondence too. Perhaps talking to them about the procedure might actually help. And yea not many people regret having their baby but plenty regret having an abortion and realy despise the person/people who pressured them into it. U have to think about how it will affect YOU. If u dont care if he has nuthing to do with the baby then hav the baby. It is ur decision to have the baby and then he will have the decision of whether or not he wants to be involvd. Im still with the father of my baby but wen i got pregnant at 16 he also sed abortion would be the best thing, but in the end i decided i wanted to keep my baby and he was fine and understood. Talk to da father uve got nuthing to lose by talking.

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10 years 9 months ago #4 by roddi
roddi replied the topic: Re:Need Help
Before you make your choice please read the stories of others on stand up girl. Please read of those that had abortions and now regret having them. Once the abortion is done it can't be undone. I pray that you will chose life for your baby. A friend to the unborn Roddi:

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10 years 9 months ago #5 by Sarah3295
Sarah3295 created the topic: Need Help
Hi everyone, I'm 20 years old and found out about a week ago that I'm pregnant so I'm about 5 weeks along. Not even two weeks before I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend told me that we might need to take a break because he's just not happy. He's been really supportive, but he thinks I should have an abortiona and I don't know if I would actually be able to go through with it. He keeps saying...what if we don't stay together? I don't know if I could handle being a single parent. I'm afraid that if I have this baby even though he doesn't really want it he'll hate me for ruining his life, and I'm afraid that if I do have an abortion I'll hate him because I will have felt pressured into it. I'm considering going to the abortion clinic and talking with the people there and doing the preabortion stuff and just seeing how I feel afterwards, but I just don't know what to do. I don't want to be responsible for ruining his life and possibly mine. I also want to be able to finish school, but I don't know if that will be possible. He tells me that he will support me no matter what I decide, but he's made it clear that he thinks and abortion would be best. Is anyone else in this situation or has been that can share some advice?

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