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The 2 week waiting time

2 years 10 months ago #1 by queenB
queenB replied the topic: The 2 week waiting time
Hi Adrinene,
I'm sorry that you're going through this right now. Anyone in your position would be really scared and nervous too. There isn't much you can do before you take the test, but they are generally accurate about 7 to 10 days after sex, so you might be able to take it sooner than you think.

I have no idea if you're pregnant or not, but no matter what happens you will be able to get through it. If you are pregnant, your life is not over--a new life is just beginning. Write us back and let us know how your test turns out. We're here to help no matter what.

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2 years 11 months ago #2 by AdrienneJae
AdrienneJae created the topic: The 2 week waiting time
I am right now in the middle of the 2 week waiting period between having sex, and being able to take a pregnancy test. I never thought each day could seem so long. I am 20 years old, and had sex with one of my guy friends. He and I are not in a relationship, but I 100% could trust him. It is a long story why I chose to have sex with him, involving past abuse in my earlier years. Really, it doesn't matter why I had sex with him. I did. and now I am looking at the possibility of a pregnancy. We used a condom the first time that night, but then after sleeping for a while, he woke me up and we had sex again. I know he did not use protection then. I am not on birth control. Right now I just need help making it through this next week or so before I can take a test. i was not nervous, until i realized that he hadnt used a condom the second time, and my ovulation schedule lined up with it being a highly probable time to get pregnant. I am having symptoms, but I also don't want to give a ton of credit to them because maybe Im just paranoid. Has anyone had any good ideas for what to in the 2 week waiting period? Or things to prepare for with taking the test? I have never been in this situation before, so any help would be amazing. I have a couple friends who know about me having sex with him, but my best friend will not talk to me about it because it goes against what we were raised to believe, about sex before marriage. she just tells me that I am going to regret ever having sex unmarried. I don't feel comfortable telling her about my pregnancy concerns. I don't want to be a burden to anyone, especially when most of my friends believe that what I did was wrong. so, I really need support. and support from strangers who aren't against me sounds pretty amazing right now. any help or encouragement would be amazing.

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