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What are my chances?

  • maybe_baby94
  • maybe_baby94's Avatar Topic Author
5 years 3 weeks ago #1 by maybe_baby94
maybe_baby94 replied the topic: What are my chances?
I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it was the middle of the day and it hasn't been two weeks since the incident happened so technically, it's too early to test anyway. I'm nine days late now and I'm getting frustrated. On Saturday it will be two weeks since the incident and on Monday I'm planning on going to the doctor to be screened and to have a pregnancy test as well. Hopefully I'll be able to have some sort of answers soon :)

I have thought about the lifestyle choice though. For a while I became very depressed because I thought I was just being used for sex (when I wasn't) and I felt very sorry for myself. I'm over that though. I reserve it for special people only and I stick to that. I know exactly what I want to do in my life and have a plan that I will stick to if it kills me. Sex is just something fun that happens occasionally. Nothing more - nothing less.

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5 years 3 weeks ago #2 by renee
renee replied the topic: What are my chances?
Maybe not nil chance of being pregnant.. have you taken a pregnancy test? I would take one (they're fairly accurate I believe) or see a doctor if you really think so. It definitely could be you are just late, because I know I am sometimes...

..but also think about these lifestyle choices you are making and whether in the long run sex before marriage might be more detrimental. What's fun now can have bigger effects than you realize, it may be the responsibility of caring for a child (beautiful child - but I'm sure you want to be ready), but it also has emotional and other effects that you carry on to other relationships or into your future marriage. So take some time to think about your life and direction and make some hard and needed decisions. If you haven't figured out in your heart beforehand, it's hard to stand firm when other things and feelings are involved.

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  • maybe_baby94
  • maybe_baby94's Avatar Topic Author
5 years 3 weeks ago #3 by maybe_baby94
maybe_baby94 created the topic: What are my chances?
Hello, I'm just very confused and I need some answers / advice from y'all.

I had sex last Saturday (10/11/12) with my ex-boyfriend, three days before I was due for my period. He said that the condom tore but I didn't look at it myself so I'm not exactly sure what the story is. We haven't talked about it since that night either.
I was due to get my period on Tuesday (13/11/10) but it hasn't appeared yet. On Wednesday I had light cramping on my left side but nothing came of it.
Today (18/11/12) I am heading into my fifth day of being late and I'm really confused.
Last month I was four days late and it was really watery, light pink color (sorry if TMI) and lasted for four days. So if I'm going by that and I suddenly have a 32-day cycle then I'm only one day late.

I know there's basically nil chance of being pregnant but I would really like some advice. What do y'all think I should do?

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