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I think im pregnant again!!! need advice

  • xdoublerainbow
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7 years 2 days ago #1 by xdoublerainbow
xdoublerainbow replied the topic: Re: I think im pregnant again!!! need advice
I think you should calm down and take a breath. My friend thought she was pregnant so she began having some of the signs of pregnancy, but a couple of weeks later it turned out that she wasn't pregnant at all. Do you have any symptoms of being pregnant? If you do wait a little longer, like a week or something, and then take another test. If it still comes back negative you should probably go to the doctor because you could actually just be sick.

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7 years 3 days ago #2 by brayden112010
brayden112010 created the topic: I think im pregnant again!!! need advice
hi so im 16 and just had a baby 4 months ago well i recently started a birth control thats a pop and im not very good at taking it i either take it late or i have missed it a couple times. it has been over 40days since my last period i toke a cheap test and it came up neg. so whats wrong with me?? i still think im pregnant i havent used protection other then the birthcontrol!! please give me some advice!!!

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