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Testing in 2 hours...

7 years 6 days ago #1 by Autumnly
Autumnly replied the topic: Re: Testing in 2 hours...
Well I tested that day and it came back negative. I guess that means that I'll be getting my period soon. Probably within the week since my max cycle day is 53 and right now Im on day 64.

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7 years 1 week ago #2 by Autumnly
Autumnly created the topic: Testing in 2 hours...
Hey everyone...well I'm very nervous right now. my boyfriend is going to bring a test home in a couple hours. I honestly wanted to wait another week before taking a test, just to be sure that my period isn't coming. I've had some symptoms the past 2 weeks..I have irregular prds, my last one was on Sept. 13th. Usually my period comes every 35-52 days. On Oct. 27th I came home after work & found brown spotting in my underwear...had I not seen the spot, I wouldn't have known it was there! I had no cramps before, during, or after the brown spotting (lasted 2 days). A day after the spotting ended, I started having bad nausea in the morning..I even threw up on the 3rd day I had nausea. All I could eat were certain fruits. Its been 13 days since the spotting stopped and I still have no cramps and no more spotting. My nausea has gotten better but I still get randomly nauseated when I smell certain foods. I have no other symptoms of pregnancy except some random nausea, hunger pains, and little headaches. But my boobs don't hurt and I don't feel fatigued. I'm going to take a test in a couple hours, I'm doing it to give my bf a piece of mind...no matter what the outcome is, either way it'll give him some piece of mind to get some kind of answer. I guess I'm on here cause I'd rather wait another week, until CD 70 comes around...I'm not anxious (surprisingly)..just nervous because I've had a scare before and it turned out to just be my hormones. I just don't want to see that negative again and feel completely stupid :/

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