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7 years 1 month ago #1 by Kii
Kii replied the topic: Re: Help!
Yes you young but the main important thing is that your stepping up to your responsibilities.. Take your time and tell your parents. Remember, theres nothing they can do about it now so theres no point in them being mad although they may be diappointed.. If you need somebody to talk to, im here.. Also, I can add you as a friend just incase you need somebody to be there for you.

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7 years 1 month ago #2 by KaitlynA.C
KaitlynA.C replied the topic: Re: Help!
Hey! it is scary. i am 16 and the end of my sophmore year i had a pregnancy scare. the best thing to do is to talk to one of them first like the parent that you are most close to and just ask them if you can talk to them. tell them that you need their support. they will probably be dissapointed but not mad. but it all depends on your parents. i have had 3 pregnancy scares and my parents still stand by me and one of the scares is going on now. just hang in there and keep us updated. if u need anyone to talk to you are more than welcome to talk to me! good luck!

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7 years 2 months ago #3 by christyrose
christyrose replied the topic: Re: Help!
I know that everything is new and scary right now, but you can do this!! You dont have to tell your parents right away, I mean you want to tell them by about 8 weeks along, but you still have time. Do it in your time when you are ready. Its scary, but you can do it!!!! I would pick the person who you think is going to be the most supportive of you and once you tell them you can bring them with you to tell everyone else. Its nice to have the support of a friend, your boyfriend, or your mom so you dont have to face everyone alone. Let me know how it goes telling everyone. I am going to add you as a friend and send you my email so you can keep in touch!!

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7 years 2 months ago #4 by ArielLovesBen
ArielLovesBen created the topic: Help!
I just took two home pregnancy test and they were positive! I just turned 14!!!! my bf and I had no idea what we were getting into and we both regret it, but now we're going to have to live with the consiquences....but how am I suposed to tell my parents, boyfriend, friends.... HELP!!!

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