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Long Bone Shortening

9 years 2 months ago #1 by jlfishman
jlfishman replied the topic: Re:Long Bone Shortening
Thank you for your words of encouragement.
I am a bit more calm now, as I have come to realize that it is what it is. I went to the doctor today and got to listen to her heart beat... this is always so calming for me.
I will go back for another ultrasound in 8 weeks to check on her growth.
Although doctors and test results are not always right, and I am hoping that this is the case here, sometimes they are. I will have to deal with whatever I am dealt in life including this.
My daughter is due the week between Christmas and New Years. What a gift.
For now, I am finding peace in preparing for her arrival.

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9 years 2 months ago #2 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:Long Bone Shortening
Hey there, I have a friend who was given the exact same diagnosis. When she gave birth there were 3 specialists in the room ready to act on whatever they were expecting to happen. Her son was supposed to be a dwarf and have all kinds of other deformities and problems to go along with it, she had ultrasounds and test results to confirm it all, well today he is going on 6 years old and he is quite a handsome healthy boy and he is no shorter than any other kid in his age bracket give or take individual genetics form family to family. However the reality is that sometimes the test results are perfectly accurate and you could end up with a special needs child, just prepare yourself for the possibility that your child may have these issues and expect whole heartedly for a miracle, they do happen, not always but just hope and trust and like seedsofhope said, love her anyways, no matter what her outward appearance or inward struggles, she is your precious little gift....Love Meg

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9 years 3 months ago #3 by seedsofhope
seedsofhope replied the topic: Re:Long Bone Shortening
I'm sorry for your anxiety. I know first hand how nerve wracking waiting can be.

I have heard of long bone shortening in relation to the things you described, but I haven't experienced it. My daughter, Charlotte, was found to have many things wrong with her while I was pregnant. I found out at 17, almost 18 weeks and it seemed like an eternity to have the final results!

I also declined an amnio, which left the doctors baffled as to why I didn't want to *know* more. But for me, it was only going to tell us if she if really did have a problem or not, not how I would handle it... which we would find out sooner or later anyway. What an amnio would have done (IMO) is scared me so bad that I would be afraid of my baby.

So insted, I waited it out.

Because you say that you will love her just the same anyway, then do just that. Love her anyway.

If it turns out that your baby does in fact have health issues, you will be prepared to take care of them when the time comes. It may seem daunting and scarrey, but you will have had time to love her so much that you will see past all of the problems anyway.

When the doctors told me that my baby would be born (if at all) with deformities, Down's being one of 'em, I was so sad. Then as time progressed, I saw a little boy and his mom at the grocery store. He clearly had Down's... but you know what I thought? Wow! That mom is so lucky to have such a beautiful boy. Really.

When you are faced with raising a child with problems, or not raising one at all...it breaks your heart to think that you would not have them with you. PM me anytime if you'd like to chat. I'v been there.

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9 years 3 months ago #4 by jlfishman
jlfishman created the topic: Long Bone Shortening
I just found out that my baby girl ( now 19 weeks pregnant) has long bone shortening. What does that mean??? Good question. The doctors say that she may have down syndrome, have dwarfism, may be she is a million other things, oh... and by the way did we mention that she has a small possibility of being normal!!!!!
I am so frustrated. I have to wait 10 weeks to have another test because I don't want to have an amniocentesis.
Has anyone gone through this? Can you offer any advice as to how to deal with the anxiety of not knowing if the first child you are having and tried to have for five years may have something so seriously wrong?
I will love her just the same no matter how she is born into this world. I just can't help but to worry and wonder how I will deal with a possibly sick child.

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