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Baby talk

5 years 7 months ago #1 by kylies
kylies replied the topic: Re: Baby talk
i am the same with my kids we dont do baby talk- we do copy their sounds but thats it. when our family did it we said just talk to her normally as it helps her learn better

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5 years 9 months ago #2 by renee
renee replied the topic: Re: Baby talk
Hi! I'm not a huge fan of extreme baby talk either...(but I think with my own child I'll probably be pretty bad myself!) And it definitely is not fun to have your wishes ignored (especially when it comes to your own child!) But here is something to consider: I would never have known otherwise if I wasn't studying speech and hearing sciences (which includes courses on Child language development)....but baby talk, actually termed "motherese" or "parentese" is considered to be helpful in a child's development of language. As a baby, they have the ability to learn language much faster than if you or I tried to learn a second language. Things like "motherese" can actually help them distinguish different words from the stream of noise....I don't know all the facts but you could look up on google something like "is motherese important" to find out more. That being said, most babies will learn language well regardless. However it is always important to engage, talk, and read with your child a lot over their growing years!

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5 years 9 months ago #3 by Evangeline
Evangeline created the topic: Baby talk
I detest baby talk! And I refuse to use it when speaking to my LO. Aergean and I talk to her like we talk to each other. I have asked friends and family not to use baby talk when they talk to her, but its gone straight in one ear and out the other. Is there a nice way to broach the subject? Because I'm super fed up with my wishes being ignored!

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