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Paternity Issues

6 years 7 months ago #1 by AmyBloomer
AmyBloomer created the topic: Paternity Issues
My son's father wants to be a jerk and no accept paternity. He won't give the information that I need to fill out the papers that I need to file for a paternity test. He is just being UNREASONABLE. I am really trying to be civil so that I don't have to take him to court t deal with all of this, but he seems to want to do so much to make my life even more stress full than I need. I am just trying to get through the last few weeks. I will be out of school soon, but that will only increase my work load. I really just want everything to be worked out and done so that I don't have to deal with all of this added stress. Does anyone have any idea on how I should handle the issue of the father? I can't leave it blank, because it is a legal offence to lie on a certified document. The paternity test will take too long and I need the child support as soon as I can get it. UGH why do men have to be EVIL?

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