hand on windowThank you to everyone who posted back to me but by the time I had read all of these messages it was too late. I went to the clinic because I thought that if I got there and spoke about it that I could say “no”.

Well we got to the ultrasound and by the time they had finished the ultrasound I was already under and I didn’t get a chance to say “no”. And god do I hate myself.



I love my kid and I can’t get my baby back and its killing me.

My boyfriend ended up in tears for forcing me to go there. I wish there was some way to get my baby back.

Every girl in my position — don’t wait until it’s too late. Do not let them choose for you. I made the wrong choice but by the time I went to say “no” I was gone. So if you don’t know what to do — look into your heart… 

All I want is my baby back.


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