mother and daughterMothers don’t always know!!! but if you have had children you can usually tell that someone you are close to is pregnant because you can see the symptoms.

Have you told your mom that there is a possibility that you could be pregnant? Does your mom know that you are sexually active? do you sneak around and do things behind her back? Have you taken a pregnancy test?


I think that you should come clean with your mom — she gave birth to you and she has provided for you up to this point. If your mom is angry with you and she thinks that you are keeping things from her and you are then you need to face your consequences. If you do someting your mom has told you not to and you think she suspects you of doing it then you have no grounds to be upset with the way she is treating you. She deserves more respect than that even if she doesn’t make the best decisions either — she is the adult and she is your mom. Tell her, take a test, and start obeying her. The Truth shall make you free and you dont need to be scared of her. You just need to realize if you play with fire you are going to get burned and talking with her might get a little “HOT” but by keeping this from her you have brought it on yourself.


I hope that you can hear my heart on this.

I was a rebelious little brat when I was younger and I know I hurt my dad so badly because of it. We now finally have a decent relationship and it is because I have apologized and asked forgiveness and I started showing him the respect a parent deserves.