pregnancy test  I have been on this site for about a week now and I have experienced so much emotion as a result. I have cried, gotten angry, felt broken, been ashamed, felt defensive, and I have also been disgusted. What are we doing with our lives? Personally I am breaking the cycle. How about you?

So many girls on here have come from broken homes. Some girls have had no one to mother them because their own mothers were or are off sleeping around. Some of us grew up watching our mothers being beaten. Some of us have been or are being sexually abused by the men in our mothers lives.

We need to make a stand. Not a prideful arrogant one but one of truth love and purity.

We all fall short of perfection. We all make poor choices. But so many of us on this site are parents. We have a responsibility to protect our children and not drag them through the same garbage we have been through. Am I wrong?

Sometimes I find it so hard to teach my daughter to act like a lady because I never acted like one. We want to and should teach our daughters to be modest and pure but how can we do that if we are not being modest and pure?

We want to and should teach our sons to respect women, but how will we do that if you are showing them that men can come and go as they please and even hit you if they feel like it?

We should teach our kids that drugs and alcohol can and will ruin our lives, but how can we do that if we leave them at the sitters house and go out clubbing?

When your kid says a bad word that they learned from you you tell them that it is bad? What, is there a certain age when it becomes ok to talk like that? We are parents we need to set an example. Will we be perfect? No, but {josquote}making small mistakes all the time is better than not trying at all{/josquote}.

Please, if you dont have kids yet set your life on a new path TODAY. Don’t mess around anymore with things that hurt you — sex, drugs, alcohol. If you have parents and you think they suck because they are always “preaching”at you and they “dont let you have any fun” — reconsider what they may have learned from their mistakes.

If your parents dont care about what you are doing and they let your boyfriend live with you, or what ever, you can still make the choice to live your life responsibly. Just because its allowed does not mean its ok!

If you are a mom, in and out of boyfriends, (that was me for a while) going to the bars for a little fun (used to be me too) please think about when your kids get bigger they need you to set a good example. Imagine your 10 yr old daughter telling you shes pregnant and had AIDS and that she doesnt know who the father is!

I am so glad that someone cared enough to tell me the truth and where my life was going.

I hope I didnt hurt anyone with this but I do hope that it woke someone up.

Please join me in BREAKING THE CYCLE.

God Bless.



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