looking and thinkingOmgosh this story sounds so familiar! Ok I will tell you my story.

I was 16 just turned 17 I was living with one of my friends who later turned into being my bf. Keep in mind I was 17 and he was 30! A week after my 17th bday,  SWAT kicked down our front door (this is a whole dif story… my bf was a drug dealer.) Anyways, we were all handcuffed and sent to prison and I was let go the next morning.

A week later Chris had called me collect from prison and I told him I wasn’t feeling very well and always puking. He instantly said “I think ur pregnant”. I, of course, denied it and said no I can’t be – I cant. I was in grade 12 and desperatly wanted to finish highschool.

That night I went out and bought a pregnancy test. It was negative but every morning I was puking. So I finally went to the doctors and like my bf had said I WAS PREGNANT. Well, I thought this was the end of the world! I was 17 pregnant scared ,living with a friend… Remember, that after the whole police thing our door was kicked out I had no job and hence could not pay for rent so I couldn’t live there no more … and upset at the fact the daddy was in prison and was going to be there or a loooongg time!!

“I was on the internet every chance I got studying up on adoption. I was so wound up on the adoption thing I forgot how there was a person inside of me & how much my baby needed me!!”

Well I drove the 1 hour every weekend to visit him in prison. He watched my stomach grow every weekend. I went to ultrasounds without him there with me. I went to dr apt without him there with me! 10 months later I GAVE BIRTH to my baby without him there with me to a 7 lbs 9 oz a baby girl.

My mom called the prison and left a message to the guard — tell Chris he now has a baby girl!!!!

That night he called my mom and she handed me the phone. He was hysterical, jumping up and down, talking to all his prison friends, he was exciting that he finally had someone he could call his own!!!

The first time he saw her in our weekend visit he stared at her the whole 1 hour we had with her daddy. She met him at 1 week old!

Finally, I couldn’t afford the trip out to visit him no more so while Amy was 5 months old she would babble to her daddy on the phone and have a conversation with him. It was the cutest she knew her daddy thats for sure!!

When Amy was 6 months old she got to meet her daddy in normal street clothes. YES THATS right he was out of prison 16 LONGGGG MONTHS LATER!!

Amy is now 2 and a half years old and now has a baby sister!!! Yes, that’s right — Chris and I had another baby,  Brianna May who is now 5 months old!!

Now i know you are only 14 yrs old but you know what girl — that is only 3 yrs younger then me when I had Amy. Now I know its hard when the baby’s dad is in prison trust me I know, but you can do it!!

Chris and I are no longer together after 3 yrs of dating. I am now a single mom of 2 kids under the age of 3 and I am only 20 years old!!! I am in college to become a care aid nurse and on welfare!! But I am doing it and doing it all on my own.

I finished high school even though I was 8 months pregnant I did it all. If you need any support please feel free to add me to msn or email me [here]. Stay strong and believe in yourself.

My kids are the best thing that has ever happened to me!! And to think, that I actually considered putting my baby up for adoption makes me sick because I know now that I would have lost the most important thing in my life!!!