well me an my boyfriend been togather for 2yrs.yes we had are ups an downs but i think everyone do at a point in there realasonship one min your togather next min your not. well that how it was for a lil while we was togather then we wasent but that lasted only about a day..lol well when i found out i was pregnant it was right after new years i would say about a wek after new years an i got totally hammared on new years..which i thoughgt after i found out i was prego the most stupidest thing in the world to do..but she is fine..but like i was saying i found out on jaunuary 7th a week or so after new years i went to the doc for a reg. check up  but i kinda sepected i was becuz i was 6days late but i thought it  could of been from me being streed out as well. but i went to the doctors to get a reg. check up an i asked one of the nurses to do the test my mom was with me so i asked her to do it on the sneak….lol…an we waited a good 5min berfor my answer came up an when it did i asked her quitoe( sooooo is it negative)quitoe an she said nope its positve so i did 3 more pregs test an 3 blood test…but when i got the answer i told my mom right off the back i started crying which i think anyone would i was soooo scared i have 2 brothers an one of them looks like kimbo slice an the other one looks like nelly an i knew i had to tell them but i waited..lol i called myboyfriend as soon as i found out an i got was are you serious..jasmine stop playing your lying… but i told him i wasent an he was soo happy but there was sort of a problem im black a rican an he is Itilian so i kinda thought there would be a lil racial problem with that becuz his grandad came from itly so i thought that would be a problem but it wasent at least i think there's not. well everyone went throw the stage of me abortting my baby except me an the father of course but NO one could force me to do anything i had my mind made up i wasent going to abort my baby she was a person even if she was only cells when i found out she was mines an mines forever so i let evryone else kno what was going to happen in these situation kno told me..so eveyone warmed up to the idea of having another addition to the family..both families i didnt care if they apporved or not well i guess everyone did..there fighting about who house im going to bring her over an who can get her for a day or soo or who is taken her on vacation this summer an the funny thing is that she is not even here yet..but she will be on tuesday god willing everything go as smooth as pie.currently me an my boyfriend live togather in i love it…i will be 40 weeks on tuesday an thats the day im getting indused to have my precious Aliyha'Rai im sooo excited.