I’m 19. A christian. A child of God.
I always hear th preaching of our pastor about THE PURITY.
And I punched mysef everytime It flashes back in my brain.
I have seen many teenagers who get prgnnt and do sex as early as 15
And I said to myself, How I lucky to be still pure.
But now.
Im so stupid.
I love GOD.
And I hate my flesh.
My problem now is I lost my virginity just a couple of hours. .
I hate myself seeing so enjoy of that such thing.I admit.
I was tempted.
I have this guys. . he is only my bf that last for a year. . and b4 he attempts to ask for it.I said it will just happen after our wedding day=(((
IM a bad child of GOD.
oh. .I ddnt know why I’m typing here. .;<<
Im  a moron.
My problem now is how to avoid doing that again wid my boyfriend?I dnt want to end up in pregnant!!!
I regret already.as early as we end up that thing =((
I aint got nothign. . pls help me.
I just pray.
I still love myself, still many dreams, im still young!JESUS, my SAVIOUR..im very sorry.