I’m relieved the charges have been dropped with my boyfriend .. He has a new place just down the street , and we are getting ready for the baby! We still don’t know the sex of the baby yet , Its gonna be a surprise :), Tuesday was Brandon and I , first prenatal class together.. and even though June 9th he promised me he would quit smoking weed , He came over baked as hell.. I’m pretty upset that he hasn’t quit yet , he’s going to be a dad in a month and I’m not sure if he gets my point , I don’t want my baby being around someone under the influence like I was when I was just a baby.. if he doesn’t quit now I don’t see him quitting when the baby comes , which I’m really worried about.. Thing’s have been going really good lately next to the drugs .. But when is he going to see that he’s going to be a father?!?! when the day comes? is it going to be to late to quit , since pot releases stress , I’m hoping he doesn’t flake out on me when he gets frustrated … I’m seeing it as if he doesn’t quit now and get it out of his system so he doesn’t crave it before the baby comes , He won’t seem so depended on weed to calm him down.. I want the baby and I to be the one he run’s to when hes down or frustrated..