Blue shirt girlHello — I’ve never been on this site before and I feel relieved that i found it. First of all, I’m expecting a boy due April 18th, 16 weeks from today! I am only 13. My baby’s dad has moved halfway across the country and he wants nothing to do with our son.

I have one son basically, my brother, since my mom and dad died. He has basically been my responsibility and now that I’m living with my cousin and her husband I’m finally able to have time to be away from the house. They are totally supportive and they make me feel like I can handle this.

I have decided most of the stuff that will help me in the future so I won’t have to worry about it then, or not as much. My schooling will be home school until I’m back on my feet — there is plenty of room for the baby. I have my brother’s old crib and stuff and I have money for necessities. I’ve figured out who I want with me in the delivery room.

But… if anybody has any advice for me feel, free to leave it in a comment.