star hatI am currently 14 years old and I am pregnant.

The father of this child has just gone to jail because of me. See the thing is I am 14 and he is 24. I didn’t think it could get any worse but now I am facing harassment charges because his mother is mad that my ma pressed charges. Not only is that the worse part but I am also pregnant.

The thing is most people would say he is using me, but the thing is,he isn’t like that and when we first met we didn’t think we were as old/young as we looked.


We met at his cousin’s,my neighbor’s wedding, a mutual friend introduced us and the three of us hung out at the wedding reception. He had told my friend that he really liked me and she gave me his number and from then on it was great… or until my mother found out.

When my mother first found out about us she just cussed me out and told me to end it. Well we still talked and continued to see each other. Well all was well until we got into this HUGE argument and I wouldn’t answer the phone. He left a message on our voice mail that I had no access to. My ma heard it and from there pressed charges. It wasn’t until 10/10 that the charges hit him and I am so confused.

He has proposed to me and I had accepted and I want to wait for him but I don’t know anything about which prison/jail he is in and how long he is in for. I am also confused on whether or not to keep this baby knowing that it would be hard for it not to have daddy around for awhile if he ever gets back and then the fact that neither family will be happy about it and lastly that I am only 14 and I don’t know if I can give him/her all that they need.